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Response to the ENNIA Christmas wish is a cry for help

For this end of year, ENNIA dedicated its budget that would usually go to corporate gifts, to fulfilling Christmas wishes. Everyone was allowed to submit a “heart’s desire” for another, the cost of which could amount to f 5.000. One heart’s wish was chosen for every island. The winners were informed on Thursday, December 23rd, that their wish would come true.

Many sent in their hearts’ wishes, but it’s hard to speak of a success when hundreds of stories and wishes show how hard life is for so many and the harsh circumstances in which they live. There is a lot of loneliness and missing of family and friends, sadness due to illness, a lack of funds for a little enjoyment, poor housing such as leaking roofs, the absence of a floor, and more. Reading these wishes was difficult and hit us all hard. It is a cry for help from people who see no way out. Thankfully there were also happy wishes to bring someone a joyful and unforgettable day.

All wish entries from every island were scored anonymously by the ENNIA employees through a valuation system. The wish with the highest score per island will be fulfilled with an amount of f 5.000. There were small wishes that came in, such as sports shoes for a child. These wishes were addressed straight away and fulfilled. An ENNIA employee took it upon themselves to fulfill one of these wishes.

Aside from the Christmas Wish campaign, the ENNIA employees were able to submit their “heart’s desire” for someone as well. For this internal wish campaign, an amount of f 1.000 was made available. The recipients of this wish will be informed at a later date.

The winning wishes:

Aruba winner

My wish for my sister: My sister has cancer and has to undergo various treatments. Unfortunately, she can no longer walk and has to be transported by special transport. This is not covered, and she can’t pay for it herself either because it costs 100 guiders each time. My wish is for ENNIA to pay for transport 50 times, so she can go to her appointments.

Bonaire winner

The wish for Kas di Kuido Bonaire: The residents of KKB did very much for Bonaire when they were younger. Because of the pandemic we lost donors, which led to us having to cut costs as well. That means less activities for the residents. With ENNIA’s donation we’ll be able to organize a few activities again in a suitable setting, such as with the residents’ families. We currently also have a shortage of materials.

Curacao winner

A wish for my colleague: My colleague and I work in a restaurant. She’s a single mother of a 14-year-old son who is handicapped. They live with her father. Her son is dropped off by bus every day at her work and waits there until his mom is done working. My colleague is a hard worker but has recently undergone surgery, which means she’s currently not able to work. She would love to put a smile on her son’s face by getting him a drum set. Music makes him happy and that fills her heart with joy.

Sint Maarten winner

A wish for my mother: My mom had a heart attack, leaving her paralyzed on the right side of her body. Walking is very difficult. My wish would be for adjustments to be made to the bathroom, and for special steps to be installed where the doors are, and ideally for my mom to receive the gift of a wheelchair.

The wishes of ENNIA employees

A wish for a family member: She lost her job and shortly after was diagnosed with a chronic illness (kidney patient, almost the worst phase). Because of her health it’s been impossible for her to look for another job. The pressure is entirely on her husband (security guard), and they have 3 kids, which makes it financially very difficult. I would love to give them a supermarket- and gasoline voucher.

A wish for a football club with coaches who have a heart of gold: They want to support every child, no matter what their background is. Most of them come from families where the parents can’t pay any contribution. The coaches then pay for the uniforms out of their own pockets. The little ones (U8+ U10+ U12+) already have a beautiful uniform, but the older kids (U15) don’t as yet. It would be awesome if those kids could appear in a beautiful uniform as well in the new year.

A wish for my neighbor: My neighbor is a single father with 4 underage children. My wish for them is a big Christmas package made up of ham, turkey, meat and other delicious Christmas treats.

A wish for the children and caretakers of a foundation: Being able to have a meal out once would be very special for them. The foundation commits itself to preparing 500 food packages a week, are devoted to the 24/7 care of the kids that stay there and collect clothes and toys for the underprivileged. To indulge them would be just wonderful.

A wish for a primary school: The school doesn’t have any gym/sports equipment, so the kids aren’t able to have gym class. Giving the gym some sporting equipment and materials, so that the kids can have gym lessons again, is my wish.


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