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Banco di Caribe customers can now make easy online payments with Sentoo

During the pandemic, numerous companies- ranging from supermarkets to your favorite restaurant- offered the possibility to order products and services online. In spite of the circumstances, this 'shift' created a window of opportunity. Banco di Caribe therefore, at the beginning of 2022, entered into a partnership with the online payment platform Sentoo. Payments via Sentoo are easy, fast and affordable and includes a direct payment receipt!

Sentoo is an online payment method that allows customers to transfer an amount from his/her Banco di Caribe current account to a provider's Banco di Caribe current account. Instead of wasting time looking up information about a transaction, such as an account or invoice number or having to fill in the details of your account, Sentoo sends you directly to your online banking, where you only have to confirm the payment. All payment information is filled in automatically, all the customer has to do is press the 'check out' button, select Banco di Caribe, log-in and approve the payment. Done!

With Sentoo you can shop online, pay your electricity, water or telephone bill - or other invoices. You can essentially pay anything with it, just look for the Sentoo logo in the payment options. Sentoo is totally free! You don't need to sign up and there is no monthly fee.

A transaction via Sentoo is very easy; when you need to make a payment, verify first if you have a bank account that offers Sentoo as payment option. If you see the Sentoo logo, select Banco di Caribe and you will be automatically redirected to a log-in page. When you see the provider or institution and the correct amount on your screen, select your account and confirm the payment. Complete the transaction with your PIN. Banco di Caribe then approves the amount and deducts it from your account. The provider or institution will immediately receive a proof of payment. Banco di Caribe is currently the only bank to offer this service for local businesses in Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten and Curaçao.

Choose Sentoo! Entrepreneurs who are Banco di Caribe customers and wish to offer their clientele more payment options can contact their account manager at Banco di Caribe to sign up for Sentoo's service. If you are not yet a Banco di Caribe customer and would like to qualify for this service, you can make an appointment with Corporate Support via For more information, visit Sentoo's website:


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