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The opportunity to spend more in Curacao Free zone- Tax Free!

Normally, goods purchased in our Free Zone are submitted to the airport on the day the tourist returns to his/her country, or shipped as cargo. There has been a policy for many years that allows a tourist to purchase up to a maximum amount of $100 USD and not pay any tax on it when he/she returns to his/her country of origin. If the tourist buys for a higher value, the goods are shipped or handed in at the airport.

Given the current economic situation, Curinde has submitted a request to the government of Curaçao to increase this amount for tourists, with the aim of stimulating smaller purchases and more commercial activity in the Free Zone. We are pleased to announce that the government of has accepted Curinde's proposal and increased the amount. Curinde thanks the government of Curaçao and all ministers who have been involved in the decision to stimulate more commercial activity in the Economic Zone. From now on, the tourist in the Free Zone can purchase goods worth $500 USD tax-free and leave the country with them after Customs has checked all invoices and documents! Congratulations Curacao.

Note: Only applicable for tourists (non-residents)


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