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* 1 Badge per person. 

Thanks for registering to our event.We'll get back to you soon!

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We welcome you on behalf of Sun Splash Afro Festival!  Would you like to visit the concert as a photographer or reporter? Then request a press badge. Please Note: You must apply for a Press Badge before October 18th, 2022.

** A Press Badge is granted to professionals who want to cover the concert on behalf of recognized media. It is still possible that a selection has to be made if the interest is too great.

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DISCLAIMER: Our office, GPRM is contracted and solely responsible for giving  information about the event. We align press members and communication of the event in order to provide maximum publicity and coverage. We serve as liaison between the press and the organization in charge of the event. We are in no shape or form responsible for ticket sales or production of the event.  [September 2022]

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