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Kenley Jansen Foundation donates lunch to Curaçao Medical Center

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) received a very special treat this past weekend. The foundation of MLB Curaçao baseball player, Kenley Jansen, has provided a free lunch for all volunteers. “Both I and my wife Gianni have a special commitment to the Kenley Jansen Foundation. On this occasion, we wanted to express our gratitude to everyone who give their time every day and forget themselves to help others. The contribution of all volunteers and frontliners to help those who are in the special Covid-19 unit at the CMC is priceless. Still, we wanted to treat them all to a special afternoon and thank them for the fantastic work they are doing.” On Saturday May 8th in the afternoon, 350 meals and drinks were gifted to all CMC volunteers and medical staff. A dedicated team gave all frontliner a pleasant afternoon. The Kenley Jansen Foundation would like to thank everyone who contributed to the lunch, as well as the foundation's local team that provided the logistics.

About the Kenley Jansen Foundation

The Kenley Jansen Foundation's mission is to provide daily support to the lives of families with seriously and chronically ill children through life-changing experiences. One of Kenley Jansen Foundation's favorite programs is 'Kenley's Locker'. This program gives admitted patients and their family members with access to electronics that serve as a source of entertainment, a portal for communication and a diversion during treatment and recovery. A “Kenley-themed” cabinet would be placed in children’s hospitals throughout metropolitan Los Angeles. Children ages 0-7 will have access to age appropriate entertainment and learning devices. Educational and entertainment opportunities will be provided to older patients and their families through access to iPads, notebook computers, tablet computers, portable DVD players, portable game systems and other electronics.

Kenley Jansen Foundation thanks all partners and contributors for the continued support. The community of Curaçao is encouraged to take good care so we can soon enjoy the Curaçao we all love again. On the attached photos an impression of last Saturday afternoon at the CMC.


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