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Digicel finalizes deployment of its new Fixed Wireless network in Curaçao

Digicel Curaçao has announced the launch of its Fixed Wireless network in Curaçao. The network has been deployed over the past 3 months and in conjunction with the their existing Fibre Optic access network gives nearly ubiquitous coverage to homes and businesses in Curaçao. The rollout of the Digicel Curaçao Fixed Wireless broadband network started in July and commercialisation of services started recently. Over the course of 2022 and 2023 Digicel plans to expand this network even further in places that may require additional capacity, or where new housing developments occur in previously uninhabited areas. Nevertheless, the network’ current coverage has been designed to complement their existing Fibre Network footprint and bring reliable and affordable service to citizens and businesses across the country. The new network connects to the Digicel high capacity Fibre Optic backbone to ensure ample capacity, and a reliable and consistent service. Furthermore, Digicel is currently expanding its Fibre Optic network footprint deeper into communities across the island, with a another planned Fibre expansion phase projected for 2022.

Digicel CEO, Roeland Van der Hoeven said: ‘This is a significant milestone for Digicel and for all Curaçao citizens. Everyone at Digicel is proud to be making the investments that will bring the benefits of Fixed Wireless broadband into the homes of families who currently cannot access broadband services, or who are currently forced to pay high monthly fees. Our Fixed Wireless broadband network will directly and immediately benefit customers. It will also help create employment, spur innovation and invigorate communities across Curaçao.’


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