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CURINDE: From Certified to Recertified

Recently (during this month of October), both CURINDE and CURSECURE underwent an external auditing process with the objective of evaluating the established legal requirements of the:

· ISO – 28001:2007 Standard - Security Management systems for the supply chain

· ISO - 18788: 2015 Standard - Management System for private security operations

A recertification audit occurs every year from when the original certification audit was completed, and the recertification audit seeks to evaluate the capacity of the management systems and their performance in relation to compliance with among others:

· Internal audits and management review.

· Corrective actions of previous audits.

· The effectiveness of the management system in relation to the achievement of the objectives and the expected results of the respective management system.

· The progress of planned activities aimed at continuous improvement.

· Continuity in operational control.

· The proper use of trademarks and / or any other reference to the certification.

· Compliance with the processes and procedures established by the organization.

· Compliance with legal, regulatory, and other requirements.

Needless to say, both CURINDE and CURSECURE have been successfully recertified by an international accredited certification body. This means that both organizations are now officially certified and internationally recognized for 3 consecutive years!


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