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Banco di Caribe sponsors S.V. Rising Trotters

The ladies sparkle in their new uniform:

Banco di Caribe recently invited the members of S.V. Rising Trotters (SVRT) to officialize their sponsorship. It was an important moment for the club. SVRT has been struggling for years to obtain funds for the acquisition of equipment, uniforms and maintenance of their home base in Brievengat. SVRT approached Banco di Caribe in this context, for a contribution to purchase new uniforms. The women of SVRT recently saw their new uniform for the first time- and they were utterly happy! Mr. Dito de Kort, Managing Director Commercial Affairs of Banco di Caribe had the honor of presenting the new uniform. “The team is doing a good job, contributing to the sports development of the ladies and to softball in general. They serve as an example to others. It is proven that sport is a healthy and necessary activity in current times. On behalf of Banco di Caribe, we wish SVRT success and we remain in expectation for the debut of the uniform”.

Rising Trotters equals consistency and passion

SVRT was founded in 1957 and consists of two women's divisions; a 'fastpitch' division for younger adults and a 'slowpitch' division for women aged 35+. Moreover, SVRT has its own stadium, namely the Sam Buntin Ballpark in the heart of Brievengat. The slowpitch team sponsored by Banco di Caribe has competed in several tournaments – both locally and internationally. Noteworthy is the Caribbean Women 35+ Softball Tournament. With great passion and discipline, the women go to the field to practice their sport. Now, expectations are high for the upcoming tournament, which kicks off on February 18. If all goes as planned, the ladies will debut their new uniform sponsored by Banco di Caribe on this day.

The smiles of the members speaks volumes! On picture, Mr. de Kort at the time of the official hand-over of the uniform to some team members. Banco di Caribe encourages fans to support SVRT and the Sam Buntin Ballpark. This is one of the ways in which the development and continuity of the sport in Curaçao can be guaranteed. Congratulations to Rising Trotters!


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