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Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card offers the ‘Tap and Go’ payment option

In addition to the Banco di Caribe Visa Credit Cards and MultiCard, the Mastercard Debit Card now also has the "Near Field Communication" (NFC) technology. This makes it possible for customers to use the Tap and Go payment option. If the payment terminal and the Debit Card have the NFC technology, the customer only has to tap the Debit Card on the screen to make a transaction. The "Tap and Go" payment option is mainly used for small amounts.

Activate or deactivate "Tap and Go"

The "Tap and Go" payment option is automatically activated when you first use the Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card, whether it is a transaction at an ATM or at a payment terminal. Once the card is activated, the customer can use the Tap and Go payment option both locally and internationally where it is available.

If for some reason the customer does not wish to make use of the "Tap and Go" payment option of the Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card, he can submit a request by sending a message via BdC Online to deactivate this option. He can also complete the form on the website, or he can visit one of the branches of Banco di Caribe. If the customer wants to reactivate the "Tap and Go" payment option in the future, he can do so by completing the respective form online or at the branch.

Tap and Go limit

Banco di Caribe customers can spend up to 50 guilders per transaction with the "Tap and Go" system and up to a maximum amount of 150 guilders per day. However, each bank has its own limit for their payment device. The lowest limit will be applied when paying via the 'Tap and Go' system. The 50 guilder limit also applies for Tap and Go transactions abroad.

Distribution of the Mastercard Debit Card

Customers who have a valid debit card will soon receive the Mastercard Debit Card by postal service at the address that is registered with the bank. Customers who have recently applied for a Debit Card, are called by a bank representative to inform that their new card is ready for pick-up. For more information, please visit the FAQ section on,

or call 432 3555. This number is made available especially for all your Mastercard Debit Card questions. The bank will continue to provide more information about the different features of the new Mastercard Debit Card in the coming period.


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