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Banco di Caribe goes green

Since a few years, Banco di Caribe has joined the green movement and invested in sustainable solutions for environment friendly service delivery. The bank counted on the support of Dynaf, a renowned company specialized in sustainable projects, for the installation of almost 850 solar panels distributed over all the buildings and branches of Banco di Caribe in Saliña, Otrobanda and Sta. Maria. Additionally, they installed an EV charging station for customers with electric vehicles. The bank in its effort to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, also added two electric vehicles to its car fleet. These initiatives will have a positive effect on the environment stimulating a more conscious approach by the colleagues and the community in general.

“The decision to invest in a more sustainable company is not made easily. It took us at least two years to evaluate the most innovative, technical and financial solutions before taking this important step. We are satisfied and proud to announce that today the implementation of these green projects will proof it’s worth soon, by contributing to a more environmental friendly society”, says Mr. Fons Simon, CEO and General Managing Director of Banco di Caribe. To reinforce this message, Mr. Hans van der Gulik, CEO of Dynaf, added, “Banco di Caribe is the first Commercial Bank to install solar panels on all its buildings and I am convinced that this initiative will inspire other local companies to join the green movement soon.”

Banco di Caribe invested in these initiatives to make more use of natural resources and, among others, reduce the utility expenses and CO2 emissions. The bank already took several measures by reducing the use of water and by introducing LED lights and digital solutions to decrease paper use. By continually focusing on digitalization, they encourage their customers to use their internet banking system, BdC Online, and the website,, for their transactions and product and service applications. The benefits of green projects are numerous and definitely contribute to a better and healthier living and working environment.

The new EV charging station

Banco di Caribe installed an EV charging station for their customers who already own an electric vehicle. “This is our contribution to the society, to encourage them to join the green movement. We hope that this initiative inspires and encourages other companies to direct their operations towards greener solutions by looking into the possibilities and benefits for their company and the island in general’, Mr. Simon continues. Driving an electric car, reduces CO2 emission, does not use gas and has low maintenance/ costs. A smart investment for better quality of life.

Last Thursday, Banco di Caribe Management and Dynaf Management revealed the new EV charging station and celebrated the completion of their green project including the installation of solar panels.


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