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"Travel With Ease" with Banco di Caribe

It is finally time for vacation and after the pandemic and the easing of all measures, most people now choose to travel abroad. Going on a trip is a unique experience that requires preparations. After choosing your favorite destination and accommodation, the time has come to arrange your finances. Banco di Caribe customers travel with peace of mind. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today; arrange your Credit Card or MultiCard on time. Nowadays you need a pin code when purchasing with your credit card abroad, meaning customers who have a Credit Card or a MultiCard from BdC must ensure that they have a pin code before their trip. In addition, you must activate your debit card online for use abroad. You can do this any time prior your trip.

If you do not yet have access to BdC Online, visit one of their branches and activate your pass at least two days before your trip. Do not forget to take out your travel insurance at the Insurance Department and to request the SMS Alert service for your debit, credit and/or MultiCard. When customers arrange their travel affairs with Banco di Caribe, they receive a free travel pouch. For more information on the campaign terms and conditions, please visit


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