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Banco di Caribe makes a special contribution to ‘Fundashon Skol di Arte i Kultura Futuro Briante’

Through the 'Social Education & Adventure Kids' project, the foundation offers social activities that contribute to the education of young people in the age group of 4 to 12 years and their parents. With the support of Banco di Caribe, a group from less fortunate families had the opportunity to participate in various educational, precautionary and sports- activities.

About ‘Fundashon Skol di Arte i Kultura Futuro Briante’

In addition to the foundation's team, several professional tutors are involved in these projects that are being offered on a monthly basis. The focus is, on the social education of the child and their parents. With every project they receive tools to handle emotional circumstances in a healthier way and improve family communication. They can usually use these resources to inspire other families in their neighborhood too. Each season consists of several workshops, individual sessions, therapy and an outdoor part where the youngsters are active during activities such as rock climbing, diving, scavenger hunts and horseback riding.

During the most recent trajectory, the teens also took cooking lessons. This is an opportunity to not only learn how to cook, but also stimulate the child's cognitive development, help with focus, the use of creativity, share responsibility and follow instructions. Banco di Caribe is happy to contribute to this project. We congratulate ‘Fundashon Skol di Arte i Kultura Futuro Briante’, for the efforts made so far. Families interested in participating can contact Mrs. Roselien Sabat at or call 682-8630 for more information.


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