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Terrence Agard sponsored by ENNIA until the 2024 Olympic Games

Photo: Terrence Agard and Lesley Ann Brodie (Ceo ENNIA)

Terrence Agard, Olympic Silver medalist 400M relay (2021), will be sponsored by ENNIA until after the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. This will allow Terrence to give his maximum focus to his many athletic competitions in the 400M and 4x400M relay categories.

Terrence Agard is part of a successful team of athletes, together with Liemarvin Bonevacia, Tony van Diepen and Ramsey Angela. They’d like to continue the success achieved in Tokyo in the coming years. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Terrence ran the second fastest time of the entire field of competitors (at 43.76 seconds), only surpassed by the American, Raj Benjamin. After the competition Terrence declared he gave his heart and soul in that race.

ENNIA will support Terrence Agard in his preparations and competition program en route to the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. For this year, these include the Dutch Indoor National Championship in February, the Indoor World Cup Belgrade in March, The World Cup in Oregon in July, the European Cup in Munich in August and the Odesur Games in Chili in October.

Lesley-Ann Harms-Brodie, ENNIA’s CEO: “We are extremely proud that we are able to contribute to Terrence’s achievements, and indirectly to that of his Relay team, through this partnership. His commitment and international achievements are a great example for us all. He offers us hope and pride. Together with his team, he puts a beautiful spotlight on the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. We can only achieve this together by giving Terrence the confidence that the home front is with him all the way.”

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