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Successful football clinic of Real Madrid in Aruba

The Real Madrid Foundation recently held its first clinic in Aruba. From July 11 to 15, children in the age group of 6 to 13 years were allowed to participate in the clinic that took place at Sasaki Sport Arena. Digicel is very proud to have been one of the sponsors of this project together with Banco di Caribe. We look back on a successful clinic that was certainly an unforgettable experience for the children.

Led by Rodrigo Blanco, coach of the Real Madrid Foundation Academy, the participants have had the opportunity to train while using the methodology and philosophy of Real Madrid CF. During the clinic 80% focus was on the sport and 20% on the values ​​of the team, which can be applied in any sport. All the kids went above and beyond in their performance, but unfortunately only 3 MVPs (Most Valuable Player) could be chosen. Jobriel Lacle was chosen from Grupo Benzema U7; from Grupo Modric U10 Linneth Oberto; and from Grupo Modric U10 Daniel Spitalieri. The MVPs had to display the values ​​that the Real Madrid Foundation stands for, such as leadership, team spirit, discipline and dedication. The big winner of the clinic was Gion Aparicio of Grupo Kroos U13. His attitude, talent and personality have ensured that he can represent Aruba next year during the world tournament that takes place in Real Madrid Sport City in Valdebebas.

Last Thursday was the day for Digicel SportsMax, where the kids could prove their talent while Digicel representatives cheered on the young talents. Digicel is very proud to have been able to sponsor 40 children to participate in this clinic. Digicel did the same in 2019 on Curaçao and Bonaire; then 60 children could participate in the football clinic. Over the years, the Real Madrid Foundation has organized about 474 football clinics in 45 countries and has allowed more than 47,853 young people to participate in the program.


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