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Payments through QR codes are now possible with Melkar Pay

On Tuesday night, Melkar Prepaid Card presented a new payment option, using innovative technology, making it very easy for customers to pay for their purchases through their own smartphone or tablet, using just a QR code. Partners and merchants, as well as government officials and the Central Bank of Curaҫao were invited for this special occasion. Bocas Restaurant on Mambo Beach Blvd was chosen for this event, which also served as a celebration of Melkar Prepaid Card’s 2nd anniversary. Members of the press also received an introduction to this new payment option.

About Melkar Prepaid Card:

The company was established in 2020 as a financial entity with licensing of MasterCard International. The company’s vision is to include natural and legal persons into the digital payment market, thus minimizing the risks in cash transactions. Melkar Prepaid Card offers different types of MasterCard prepaid cards, which can be purchased easily and with just a small process, offering at the same time the security that you are part of a company that, although new, is constantly updating to meet all the requirements and legal parameters established locally and internationally.

An innovative payment option:

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new and innovative mobile money payment technology through digital devices and the use of the QR code. Immediate payments from consumer to merchant at the point of sale using only a QR Code reader as a connection mechanism between the customer and the merchant, are some of the added values ​​of our digital wallet. Thus generating an opportunity to further integrate the mobile wallet with the consumer and merchants.

Online payment options have an advantage over cash. This is mainly why QR code payments are increasingly used by customers and significantly accepted by companies, thus creating a new form of payment. For Melkar users who use the available QR payment option in the Melkar app; You can make your payments at the Merchant that have validated our QR payment system, thus facilitating the payment process without a card, without cash, or physical contact that in this new normal is prevailing. The final result will be a secure payment in just one click. The main benefit of this payment method is that the transaction will be processed in the local currency, Florin.

How does QR payment work?

Merchants will be able to place this previously assigned QR code at the counter, at the store checkout, on the digital screens or on the respective digital device awarded by Melkar. The details of the merchant will be automatically identified. The Melkar user must open the camera of his/her phone through the Melkar mobile application to read the QR code, once he/she reads the QR code, the application will show the name of the merchant and allow him/her to fill-in the amount to pay, click on pay and ready. For more information please visit


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