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Digicel Business connects and adopts the “Smart Bus Stop”

The Smart Bus Stop is equipped LED screens with an application of ‘Autobusbedrijf Curaçao’ (ABC) showing passengers arrival times, all other needed information regarding bus routes, and even allowing passengers to plan their own trip.

At the Smart Bus Stop, passengers can enjoy background music, free internet, and also allows them to charge their electronic devices. One key innovation is the introduction of security features such as a panic button, a security camera and lighting to ensure travelling at night is safer for passengers.

It also acts as a Smart City Sensor base which is used to collect data for traffic analysis, counting pedestrians and vehicles, speed detection, license plate recognition, road vibrations, collision sensors and can also monitor air quality. In case of any emergency, it communicates in real time with the ITS platform and authorities are immediately notified automatically. The shelter uses solar panels and has a backup power supply from the grid.

All of this technology is connected via Digicel’s high-speed 100% Fibre Optic network which offers the necessary reliability and speed to ensure continued operation. Digicel has adopted these bus stops in support of this advanced technology project. This is just one of many steps in a plan to elevate Curaçao through ICT, and showcase our nation as a technology leader in the Caribbean, and beyond.



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