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Digicel Business brings Cyber Security Expert to E-Aruba Seminar

Digicel Business is a proud sponsor of the upcoming E-Aruba Seminar. This highly anticipated seminar will take place on Saturday, June 11th 2022, and will feature top international speakers presenting on the topics of Social Media, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, E-Commerce, Customer Service Experience and Company Culture. Included in the prestigious line up of speakers is Digicel Business’ very own Cyber Security Expert, Douglas Thomas.

The E-Aruba seminar comes on the heels of the latest Digicel Business Digital Transformation Study, which confirmed that firms across the Caribbean region are increasingly concerned about the impact of electronic threats and breaches. With increasing reports of Arubian entities falling prey to cyber criminals and research revealing that a cyberattack happens every 39 seconds (source: University of Maryland) - the mission to detect and deter hackers has become a major challenge. Digicel Business Cyber Security Expert, Douglas Thomas will provide insight and tips on how to protect your business in this digital age.

Commenting on the immediate relevance of Cyber Security, Mark Shoebridge, Director of Business Solutions elaborated “Data security is a real and immediate concern for every business today. This is no longer a remote threat that happens to global organisations, as real everyday businesses of all sizes, and in all industries are being comprismised and held to ransom on a daily basis.”

He continues; “It is out of this growing concern that we invited our Global Head of Cyber Security, Mr. Douglas Thomas to the E-Aruba event. During the seminar he will provide pratical guidance to businesses of all sizes on how they can examine their Cyber Security measures, and prepare themselves in order to address these sophisticated threats that we all face. We have advanced solutions to help every type and size of business, and we want to share our knowledge with businesses in Aruba.”

Over the past two years, Digicel Business has been investing heavily in building out a world class Security Operations Centre, staffed by some of the best cybersecurity experts in the industry. Digicel Business’ cyber security service, titled Digicel Business Protect is a standalone unit which is a partnership between Digicel Business Solutions, Fortinet, HyperProtect, IBM, SentinelOne, MetaCompliance and Cisco.


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