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Banco di Caribe advises about correct account number: 8 digits, no fuss, no muss

Soon, the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) will introduce the ‘Instant Payment System’. This means that local transfers to banks are processed immediately. The new system books the transaction amount directly on the specified bank account number and does not identify incorrect numbers. As a result, all transfers with an incorrect account number will be reverted. This can cause inconvenience when, for example, making payments to utilities, loans and other monthly obligations.

Use correct account numbers

To make sure that all Banco di Caribe clients have their account numbers registered correctly, the bank is launching a campaign to inform about the correct way to state the bank’s account numbers for smooth processing of local transfers. The bank requests its clients to please note that Banco di Caribe account numbers have 8 consecutive numbers. Banco di Caribe account numbers do not have dots, dashes, stripes or other symbols. An example of a correct bank account number of Banco di Caribe is 31756401.

Companies that bank with Banco di Caribe

For companies that use a Banco di Caribe account, it is important that the correct account number is specified on all official documents and invoices. This is to prevent transactions from not being processed and deposited into the correct account.

Avoid discomfort

Banco di Caribe advises clients to check the list of beneficiaries and record the correct account numbers on invoices and official documents at the time of making transactions. This prevents an important transaction from not being processed on time. For more information, please visit the Banco di Caribe Facebook page and their website


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