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Dutch cabinet gives subsidy to Digicel fixed internet users for $ 25 monthly

Digicel Bonaire is very pleased to announce that they have now subsidy for fixed internet users from the "Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate" in the Netherlands.This temporary allowance is in connection to Covid-19 and will be in effect by May 1st, 2020 to the end of December 2020. Fixed internet users will receive a $ 25 discount on their bill during each month over the period.

Lina Pereira, Marketing Manager for Digicel, agrees that this is a positive development and this will bring relief to all Digicel Fixed Internet users. “We aim to always give the most value to our customers by offering a total package of services in a way that includes the best rates, services, connectivity, data and entertainment.The effect of COVID-19 has been felt by all Bonerian families, and this reduction of $25 per internet connection per month will help our users”.


Konekshon di internèt ta indispensabel:

Gabinete hulandes ta supsidiá usuario di

internèt fiho di Digicel ku $25 mensual

Kralendijk: Digicel Bonaire ta anunsiá ku hopi plaser ku e la bin na remarke pa haña supsidio temporal pa tur usuario di Internet fiho (vaste internetverbinding) serka “Ministerie van Economische Zaken & Klimaat” di Hulanda.

E supsidio temporal aki ta enkonekshon ku Covid-19 i lo ta vigente entrante 1 di mei 2020 te ku fin di desèmber 2020. Usuarionan di Internet fiho lo haña un rebaho di $ 25 riba nan faktura durante e luna ariba menshoná.

Lina Pereira Marketing Manager pa Digicel Boneiru ta indiká ku esaki ta un desaroyo hopi positivo i sigur un notisia alentador pa usuarionan di Digicel. “Ta nos meta pa semper duna e usuario di Digicel mas balor pa su sèn ofresiendo un pakete total di servisio na unda ta inkluí e mihó tarifanan, servisio, konektividat, data i entretenimento. E efektonan di Covid-19 por wòrdu sintí den e kas di famia na Boneiru tambe, pues un redukshon di $25 pa konekshon di internèt fiho sigur lo ta na benefisio di e usuario”.


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