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Digicel Believes in a Clean Curaçao!

Digicel’s ongoing efforts to contribute to the community’s social fabric and to help make a better Curaçao were on full display this past Saturday when a team of employees came together for a common cause: a cleaner Curaçao is a better Curaçao for us all! This is the seventh year that Digicel has participated in World Cleanup Day, a global initiative that unites millions of volunteers from more than 190 countries around the world in an effort to highlight the global waste problem and solutions to make a more sustainable environment for all. In the past, the Digicel team has tackled Playa Canoa, Rif, Brievengat, Pietermaai, Saliña, and Sint Jacobs / Muizenberg. This year, the team circled back to the Playa Canoa area for a clean sweep of the area. According to reported local numbers, some 3,400 volunteers participated in the cleanup of various locations around the island, collecting thousands of kilos of garbage.

Digicel is happy to be part of this movement and strives to bring more awareness to the current environmental challenges worldwide. Everybody can do small things every day to keep the island clean, but the biggest impact is made when we bring people together to work towards a common goal. In that sense, we are “Better Together”. Digicel congratulates all volunteers and particularly the organization of Curaçao Cleanup for the stellar job of organizing this event once again!


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