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Curaçao is ready to welcome visitors

Earlier this week, CHATA coordinated site inspections, in collaboration with CTB, Tourism Management Curaçao (TMC) and the Crisis Team, with a selection of properties to see how they have implemented the protocols.

To kick-start the site-inspections tour, TMC picked up the team and started the tour with Papagayo Hotel, Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort, Kontiki Beach Resort and Baoase Luxury Resort. During the site-inspection, each property had the chance to demonstrate how they plan on receiving guests and what kind of measurements and regulations they will be implementing. The demonstration ranged from checking-in, to ordering food and how the interaction will be between staff and guest. The protocol and hygienic rules they will be implementing will be in accordance to the Best Practice Protocol Report presented by CHATA, which has already been implemented by various hotels, in order to keep both the visitor and the staff safe. Throughout each visit, Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth and his team had the chance to ask each property questions related to the property’s way of welcoming guests, while also giving feedback on whether certain regulations can be relaxed, or which should be strengthened.

CHATA and the sector is pending to receive the green light to be able to welcome visitors back to the island under the protocols approved by the Government of Curaçao. Once all the site-inspections have been completed, the properties will have to be approved and then the staff can continue with a training given by GMN on the procedure and implementation of the protocols. This shows that Curaçao is indeed ready to welcome visitors.

CHATA, CTB and the Crisis Team are looking forward to working together with its members by implementing the protocols which will aid in reviving the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.


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