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Curaçao at Tourism and Leisure Fair in Utrecht

The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) and a number of private-sector partners were present at the 2020 Tourism and Leisure Fair (Vakantiebeurs). This year, the event celebrated its 50th edition. As in previous years, the Fair drew a considerable crowd—over 100,000 in a span of five days. The 2020 Tourism and Leisure Fair, the largest travel fair in the Netherlands, has proven to be the perfect platform for promoting Curaçao as a Caribbean tourist destination.

The vast majority of visitors to the Tourism and Leisure Fair use the opportunity to gather as much information as possible for their next vacation. Every year, the Curaçao team is back at the fair, ready to inform visitors about the latest packages, the events calendar and other news. As a platform, the Tourism and Leisure Fair has always been perfect for introducing people to Curaçao or to give prospective visitors that final nudge to see that their dream vacation is indeed awaiting them in Curaçao! This year, the CTB again came up with innovative ways to draw visitors to the Curaçao booth. This time around, the booth included a digital graffiti board featuring art by Francis Sling, on which visitors could create their own personal masterpiece using digital brushes and sprays. Once finished, they could also share their digital creation on social media. The Curaçao booth remains among the most popular displays, and our country one of the most popular destinations at the Tourism and Leisure Fair.


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