C3: New year, new office!

For the past 80 years, C3, formerly known as Zenitel and Radio Holland, offered communication solutions that are of great importance to the public sector. The organization continues to grow and is continuously expanding and improving its services. Not only in Curaçao, but also in Aruba, Sint Maarten, the BES islands and Anguilla, where C3 has its own TETRA network; but also in the rest of the Caribbean and the northern region of Latin America. According to director mr. Bert Schreuders, the organization is very grateful to its customers, who have trusted Zenitel and later C3 (Critical Communication Caribbean) for the past eight decades. According to Schreuders, "Many people still have to get

Banco di Caribe CEO Fons Simon shares his views on how Social Media influences companies and people

Social Media has become an undeniable source of communication and exchange over the past few years. Many companies have implemented Social Media to communicate and in most cases relate to their clients in order to offer improved products. BdC’s CEO Fons Simon shares his view on how Social Media influences companies and people in everyday life. The influence. “Social Media influences everyday life in different ways. Social media mostly have a positive influence, but of course they are channels that can be used in a less positive way as well. Hopefully, the positive influences, with inspiring stories and motivational content will outweigh the less positive ones.” On the essence of Social Me

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